Sponsorship Optimization Services Offered

New Sponsorship Revenue Development (Properties/Sellers)

  • Analysis, identification, and development of new sponsors and other revenue streams.
  • Sponsorship program design, development, valuation, and marketing.
  • Negotiating in-kind partnerships to increase cash sponsor “buy-in” value, add
    marketing support, and save costs.
  • Sales planning, development, sales force support and personal sales representation.
  • Creation of promotional overlays for sponsors to incentivize incremental results.
  • Increasing sales force productivity by providing customized client offerings, sales
    aids, and other marketing support.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and refining all sponsorship efforts to optimize ROI.

Sponsorship Investment Optimization (Marketers/Purchasers)

  • Analysis of existing sponsorship & marketing efforts to identify optimization
    potential from untapped or underutilized marketing assets, investments, and opportunities.
  • Creation of new sponsorship concepts, options, extensions, cross-promotions, and tie-ins.
  • Optimization of existing sponsorship investments via tactical design and
    activation enhancements.
  • Creation of promotional overlays to incentivize incremental results.
  • Creating & negotiating media value-added integrations to extend existing
    media buys.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and refining all sponsorship efforts to optimize ROI.

We collaborate with you, and your current team, to design your sponsorships to build upon and
optimize your current marketing, media and sales investments, plus identify and creatively
leverage untapped assets & opportunities.

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