Results - Sponsorship Revenue Development


Assignment - New Sponsorship Revenue Development

  • Develop new client revenue for event marketing agency

Services Provided

  • New product concept development, sponsorship marketing and sales


  • Created and marketed “Experience Aloha” Mall Tour
  • Sold $1,456,250 of cash sponsorships
  • Sponsors included Hawaiian Visitors & Convention Bureau, Golf Digest,
    Hawaiian Tropic, United Airlines, Aloha Airlines and Hilo Hattie
  • Created and marketed Forbes “Enterprise of the Future” Exhibition
  • Sold $2,010,564 of cash sponsorships
  • Sponsors includes Forbes Magazine, Xerox, stamps.com and EarthWeb

Results - Sponsorship Design & Activation Optimization


Assignment – Optimize Sports Marketing Property 

  • Package, develop marketing support and obtain media, cash, and budget-reducing sponsorships for 5K running event property

Services Provided

  • Repositioned & expanded one day corporate 5K run event, to 8 week preventative health program, with year round marketing support
  • Negotiated in-kind media sponsorships to increase marketing effectiveness and provide quantifiable media value for cash sponsors
  • Marketed and sold name/title, supporting level cash, media, and budget reducing sponsorships


  • Increased sponsorship from $35,000 to over $1,000,000
  • Current Sponsors Include; Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, LA Fitness, Crystal Springs Water, Jason’s Deli, 11-Alive NBC TV, fan680 Sports FM Radio, and Best Self Magazine