Partner Leveraging and Budget Savings Services Offered

“Partner-Up”… so 1 plus 1 = 3 or More

Partnerships, cross-marketing, and tie-ins extend and save money from your existing budget
while increasing marketing effectiveness. Exclusive strategic alliances lock in competitive advantage.

Sub-sponsors and partners can help fund and expand the value of your marketing platform.

Partners may be compatible products and services, media, charities, retail chains, key
accounts, marketing properties, special events, organizations, associations, internal company
products, co-ops, credit cards and payment processing systems, and many other sources.

Our partner leveraging services offered;

  • Concepting and designing budget leveraging partnerships, cross-promotions
    and tie-ins
  • Partner sourcing, valuation and development (targeting, solicitation, creative design,
    vetting and negotiation)
  • Extending media buys by creating and negotiating media “value-adding”
    tactical enhancements and integrations
  • Negotiating in-kind barter on budgeted products and services to save on
    fixed costs
  • Activating partnerships as needed by clients

The best matches just don’t happen. Few companies have the time, resources, and specialized
expertise and contacts to target, proactively solicit, creatively negotiate, and follow through to
build the best possible partnerships.

We collaborate with you and your team to create, develop, and help activate your partnerships,
cross-promotions & tie-ins to build upon and optimize your current marketing, media and sales
investments, plus identify and creatively leverage untapped assets & opportunities.