Our Advantages

Proven Principals Work Directly on Your Business By having seasoned agency principals collaborating directly on your business, previously overlooked information, assets, and opportunities, may be successfully identified, qualified, and creatively synthesized.
Creatively Adapting “Best-Practice” Approaches, Strategies, and Tactics Maximizes ROIExtensive experience in diverse product categories and competitive marketplace situations delivers an insightful, prospective; resulting in innovative business building solutions.
Strategic Discipline x Creativity x Entrepreneurial Activation = Optimized “Marketing Solutions”The “science” of a disciplined marketing development process, coupled with the “art” of strategically based creativity... is the foundation of innovative growth.


"Inventing Your Own Marketing Platform vs. Renting Generic Media For Optimized Brand Building”

"Partnering-Up” 1 plus 1 = 3 or More

A Few Words About Us

STEPHEN-HEADSHOT-CU-11-14 Chief Creator & Optimizer Stephen Markow leads each client’s optimization efforts to deliver the greatest possible results. He was formerly Managing Partner of the SP Group, Boca Raton, FL; and headed the Sports Marketing & Promotion Group of the Integrated Marketing Group, in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Recruited to Florida from WPP’s promotional marketing agency in New York, he also led the marketing, sales, and activation of nationwide shopping mall event marketing programs as VP/GM at Shopping Center Network, in Miami, FL.

Stephen’s career creative credits include: Best Promotions of the Decade for Sony’s “Smaller the Better” Program, American Marketing Association’s SPIRE Award for Alamo Rent-A-Car “Best Friends” Program, and Ad Age’s Best Promotions for the “Molson Golden Treasure Hunt”.

A Strategically Disciplined Development Process Is Entrepreneurially Employed

Optimized Brand Marketing Platforms,
Partnerships, Sponsorships, & Promotions

Monitor, Evaluate, Refine For ROI
Marketplace Launch/Activation
Create/Produce Marketing Support
Partner Sourcing & Sponsor Sales
Marketing Strategies/Activation Planning
Creative Optimization Concepts/Program Design/Packaging
Backgrounding/Situational Analysis/ROI Valuation
(Identify Optimization Potential)

Existing Marketing Investments,
Assets & Opportunities